Phil almost loses his shit at the beginning of the show worrying about whether the live feed is up. Then they clear the air about a joke Phil made concerning a “little man, a pixie fucking up the equipment overnight.” Turns out Margaret and Frank went to a costume party one night with Margaret dressed as Thomas Jefferson and Frank dressed as a pixie and once they got home Margaret tried to assault Frank from behind with a strap-on.

They also had a discussion about how the police detective evolved, Phil explaining that there were “runners,” or guys that would, for a price, go and get something that had been stolen. The General and Bud couldn’t fathom anyone wanting to pay money to get their pig back.

Jeff Dowdder memorialized Hobie Alter and talked about the “short sticks” that he uses, “The Waverly, Rip Teen, the Goon Stick and Goon Unlimited.” Phil then talked about the development of the Hobie Cat sailboat.

Episode 91 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Yes David, that’s right every other word is GD and I really don’t like that and won’t listen much longer. The show is horrible he’s ruined it with Margaret and the General in studio, why did he change it? Hey you ever here the expression(If it’s not broke don’t fix it?)

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    tom griffith

    This reminded me of the album from kiss (according) to dowder called Goon Squad

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    John Pace

    What is David Hall’s position now?

  • David Comaty
    David Comaty

    I don’t mind the cursing but the GD every other word really bothers me. You have a great show you don’t need to use that phrase to get attention you do fine on your own. Just Sayin.

  • Avatar

    I like your tweets but, don’t you think it would be funny if we had a definition for the word twoot?…What is a twoot?

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