Mavis Leonard was on briefly to talk about Jackie Robinson breaking the color line and how she, as a teenage girl doing laundry for a white woman in South Carolina, decided she too would officially “break the color line” at her job. When her employer looked at her as if she were crazy, Mavis put witch hazel in the woman’s panties and then followed her around with a Brownie 8 movie camera filming the woman “having to reach up there and itch.”

Jeff Dowdder discussed the jump from 127,000 feet made last year by Felix Baumgartner and how long it took for him to reach the earth. Jeff wants to break the record by weighting down the next guy. It won’t be him. He’s afraid of heights.

Margaret sang “You Only Live Twice” worse than Nancy Sinatra, who Margaret said sang it so bad ‘future generations will never understand.’

Other weirdness…

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  • Mark Monette
    Mark Monette

    Lee Greenwood.

  • Mark Monette
    Mark Monette

    Isn’t it funny how “You Only Live Twice” sounds almost exactly like “Midnight Cowboy?”

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