Doug Dannger, on his way to a film festival in Cambria, runs into mechanical problems with his brothers Harley and spends the hour bitching at the gas station attendant about how bad a job he’s doing repairing the bike and making fun of the guys name at the same time (Ward).

RC Collins, his buddy Watson and RC’s dad, Chris Collins, all join Phil to discuss the progress RC is making at Bradl;ey Military Academy. Unfortunately, RC’s dad is scoping out underage girls as they’re walking by. Meantime, Watson keeps talking about wanting to “rip off Michael Meyers head and crap down his neck.”

Dean Wheeler is getting more and more jealous and crazy over his wife Emerelda and her new singing career. Dean is also micro-managing her singing style and his particularly offended by her “fondling the mic stand as if to say ‘I wish I had one this long.’

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    Don Sloan

    Great 3 hour set, especially cool to hear Phil acknowledge guitar player Michael Bloomfield, certainly right up there with Clapton and Hendrix. His “A Long Time Coming” with the Electric Flag LP has remained somewhere in my Top 3 since it came out in 1968. // The Dean Wheeler bit was funny as hell!!

  • Steven Swoyer
    Steven Swoyer

    Funny A$$ Show 2nite!

  • Robert Dunmire
    Robert Dunmire

    Now that’s funny !! I laughed so hard. Thanks for the hernia.

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