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Friday, April 7, 2006

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Hour 1:

Pastor William Rennick tells Phil that a member of his congregation came to him in confidence and said that he is not in love with his wife of 35 years because he is a homosexual. The Pastor explains that in the black community, "gay don't play" and that's why he has dedided to out the man.

Hour 2:

Phil invites Pastor Rennick to come down to the studio and be his co-host for the evening. The PHS presents... the best of Celebrity Interviews. Phil rants about junk science. RC Collins thinks Natalie Holloway is hiding underneath Bill O'Reilly's desk. Phil talks about the Ventura County Star and reads some news stories.

Hour 3:

Steve Bosell is filing a lawsuit against friends and family members after a "Clue" themed murder mystery party at his house went awry.


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