Hour 1:

High school football coach Vernon Dozier was approached by one of his students who found a 70’s porno videotape Vernon starred in called “Cramming For College”. Vernon decided to show the video to his health class and as a result he has now been placed on administrative leave.

Hour 2:

Fitness center owner Jim Sadler joins the program to explain that at his gym, they group people according to their individual body types. Jim says that when you see people that look the way you do it might make you feel better about your progress, and that’s why they’ve put all the fat people in the back of the gym.

Hour 3:

Harvey Wireman ran over a parking brick, he is upset with the “Mothers against” organizations. Phil plugs the website and the upcoming Poker Tournament on May 27th. Phil talks about last night’s episode of “The Sopranos.” Phil plugs “Teachers” and reads some e-mail.

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