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Friday, April 9, 2010

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In the first hour, an idea courtesy of listener Glen has Brad Rivkind defending Bruce Redmond, 'Survivor' producer, from the possibility he''ll be charged with murdering his wife in Cancun, Mexico. Brad says producing a reality show where punks and nobody's go on to stardom while you sit behind a camera eating craft services food creates Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Mr. Redmond might have thought he was in a 'Survivor' competition, answering the door for room service, when his wife got there first. The next thng you know, says Brad "he's twisting her head all the way around like he's unscrewing the cap on a bottle of wine." The next hour was another hour of Phil telling Baby-Boomers what a pack of losers they are. This time out it's how bad they are as adoptive parents as he reads of an American woman sending her adopted Russian son back to where he came from....In hour three, also courtesy of Glen, Doug Dannger, Gay Man and Gay Journalist, explains that Charlie Sheen's violence toward women is most likely because he's in the closet. Doug knows. He says before he came out he lived with a variety of women and beat all of them up until one day "I was on my way to see a girl I'd put in the hospital and magically realized, right then and there, I was queer. I turned around and went back to my apartment and wrote a great column for the next days edition."


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