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Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Father James McQuarters came on the show tonight to discuss Tiger Woods and what the Father calls a "Season of Forgiveness." And in the Fathers mind that would include forgiving the Catholic priests who molested children. Plus, according to the Father, as a Buddhist Woods is a member of the same religioon Richard Gere is a memeber of...and as far as Father McQuarters is concerned "You don't see the Pope sitting on a gerbil." David G. Hall called in to complain that McQuarters doesn't get how much money Woods is worth and what Woods is worth in ad revenue. David tells Phil that nowadays people have all kinds of religions and if Woods were a member of a Wiccan coven it wouldn't matter to him. Later on, Phil talked to Bud and Robert about whether or not Mr. Spock ever got his hair cut and if so did he ever use a bowl. Phil also talked about how "Media control" is the excuse dumb people use when someone gets something over on them.


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