Hour 1:

Margaret Gray is on with Phil while hiding in a bunker with Cindy Sheehan. She is hiding there so Phil will not call in an Air strike. She begins to sing “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.” She receives a telegram and she is blown up. Phil talks about Pre-season football and how he used to have Rams Season Tickets. Phil said the last time he attended a football game he got into a fight at a New York Giants game. Monday Night Bees starring Woody Allen. He is trying to defend himself from bees. Sam calls in to ask Phil why Peter Jennings is not on T.V. anymore. Ted Williams Head confirms Peter Jennings is dead. He claims that Peter’s head is in a jar next to his.

Hour 2:

Bobbie Dooley joins Phil to talk about Mother’s With Answers. She believes it is ok for kids to fit in with kids who smoke as long as they do not inhale. Callers call in mad and think she is a poor example and that she is only teaching her kids that it is o.k. to smoke. Some callers go as far to say that she is endangering the lives of her kids and that it is a crime.

Hour 3:

Rudy Canosa is on with Phil and begins to play the fog horn. He says he plays it when fat women enter the store…and says he plays the gong when Chinese women come in. Phil reads the news and discovers is selling sex toys…and other items. Phil mentions his blog and says he will not do politics. Phil talks about swimming in the ocean at night…and gives a tequila update. Hal & Viola call in to talk to Phil about National Aviation Day. As they are talking they crash into he Fuji blimp. Herb Sewell is on to talk to Phil while at Chuck E. Cheese. Herb is child molester and not allowed to be near kids. But he claims Chuck E. Cheese has thee best pizza.

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