Hour 1

Brad Rifkin is on with Phil to talk about his clothing line BTK…Big Tall Kids. Callers are outraged he could even think of naming it that because of what is happening with the BTK killer. During the show Brad Rifkin throws out George Dunham’s name of the Dunham and Miller show in Dallas. A caller calls in defending the Dunham and Miller show and Phil asks Harry to call George. George Dunham comes on with Phil and insanity ensues.

Hour 2

Phil does flashback of one of his shows while he was on in Miami called “How Wife Lose Weight”. Tony Neal comes on to tell Phil he has a new reality show called…J.C. And basis his show on how Jesus would relate to us today? Callers are upset and call it Blasphemy. Phil talks about the BTK Killer and how he was sentenced.

Hour 3

Larry Grover is on and claims Chris Norton is sexually harassing him because he reports to work with a spring in his step. Callers believe Larry can’t handle rejection, and believe he is the cause of the problem. Margaret Gray is on reporting from Crawford Texas. She has Cindy Sheehan the “Bush Protestor” on with her. Everyone is in shock and awe. Dr Jim Sadler joins Phil and tells him he wants to dig up dead bodies to preserve fossil fuels…L.A. Times reports Star Trek Fans are child molesters.

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  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    Hour 1 was good too, especially when Brad Rifkin said that Dunham and Miller pay a caller to “lick a cheek, clean, a day”.

  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    Man Phil, Hour 2 made me laugh for all eternity, especially when Tony Neal described how a Modern Day Jesus would perform miracles. JC would do a James Brown “soul brother” twirl, throw down, wink at the camera, and then say Dyno-MITE!! or ShaZAAM!!

  • Avatar
    John Pace

    I listen to Dunham and Miller every morning. In fact, this appearance by Georgio is what led me to Phil.

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