Last nights show featured the great Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills. great? Well he cried and complained his way through an hour that wasw supposed to be about why he buys gold….you know, the gold he uses to build statues of himself?

Next up we had Marylyn Donnelly, pre-surgical transexual, who realized half way through her visit with us her reason for coming on the show was bullshit….You just gotta listen…

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    djf750 if you think that show was "genius" then bright shiny objects give you a bone!!!

    Utter crap. shit radio

  • djf750

    phil, you don't need callers.

    you, your "guest" and your in studio sidekicks are enough. still the funniest shit on radio today.

    if you get a good caller, fine, but I will listen even if you never get another caller.

    your show is still genius.

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    Boy, you sure made an ass out of yourself with the Mark Cuban interview a few years back. I realize this was a non-sequitur but felt it had to be said.

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