The Western Estates Homeowners Association, as ordered by HOA president Bobbie Dooley, as ordered all flags in the community to be flown at half staff to observe the death by suicide of Russell Armstrong, who was married to a star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” As Bobbie explains this to Phil her husband Steve is running a woodchipper which prompts a first ever violent clash between the two.

RC Collins, a junior cadet at Bradley Military Academy, joined the show to say he felt cheated that the Navy Seals and not him and his classmates took out Bin Laden. “If you notice, the Navy Seals is the Navy. They’re only supposed to fight where there’s water. Bin Laden was on dry land.” Also Harvey Weirman as Commandant Weirman makes an appearance.

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    Is it just me, or are the downloads different than the live show. In the middle of the show, it went to "best of" bits. I just want to listen to Phil without all the technical BS.

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    Bakersfield or Stamford?

    Agreed, this was grueling.

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    I think Sittle is French, or French-Canadian. She's taking August off for le vacance.

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    There's only so many ways one can say that the show, currently sucks on chimp…. 0 callers, bad material, lousy, lousy, lousy…. I'm listening to archives, you know when the show was actually trying to be funny, witty and wickedly well performed.

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    I too have wondered what our neighbor to the norh has been doing. Her feminine and Canadian perspectives have certainly added to the comment section.

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    Didn't you know … Sittle just learned how to masturbate … Been busy.

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    Maybe Sittle's on vacation. Watch out, if you say his name three tiimes he'll appear!

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    BTW, what happened to Sittle? Did he get banned or did he finally get that night shift at McDonald's?

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    Glad to see you back, Phil, baby! Don't let "the man" get ya down!

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