Hour 1:

Phil talks politics. There is a story about Arthur Frommer, a travel guru, saying that he won’t visit Arizona because people were carrying guns at a Presidential rally. There are some phone calls. Margaret Grey calls in briefly to talk about a product called Swipe Away. It helps women get rid of lip hair. Phil talks about Tom Ridge and gives some commentary.

Hour 2:

Phil talks politics. He recounts his interview with the head of the ACLU Anthony Romero over a year ago. He also talks about healthcare and takes some phone calls.

Hour 3:

Phil starts out the show talking about healthcare. He mentions the gender tests for the Olympian Caster Semenya. There is some phone calls. There’s a story about honor killings and Phil talks about religion. There’s a story about a plane that was stranded for over 6 hours in Minnesota. Phil then re-enacts the calls from the pilot and airport personnel.

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