Hour 1:

Best of from June 2009. A woman claims she was abducted by 2 black men. Kayne West co-writes a book called Thank you, and your welcome. Doug Danger comes on the show to talk about gay marriage. Question you shouldn’t ask: Why does the Catholic church draw priests from Celibates. As you like to hear them with Joe Buckmaster CEO of Craigslist. Protestants and Catholics go at it in Ireland.

Hour 2:

The first half of this hour is a Best of from March 2009. Guy Barton and Kurt Queedy state senators from West Virginia come on the program to tell a story of a guy who escaped from prison and killed a bunch of people including the judge, jury, prosecuting attorney, and 3 blocks of families. There’s a Lune Alert. Michelle Bachmann calls for revolution. The second half of this hour is from July 20, 2009 Hour 3.

Hour 3:

Best of from July 6, 2009.

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