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Friday, August 25, 2017

Larry Grover from Conservatives of Kern County talks with the crew about praying to God to help him not watch CNN. He even claims he suffers from the stigmata. Chris Norton has finally pulled the trigger on producing his new adult film ‘Frankenstein’s Sister,’ starring Chet Beef and and Samantha Slick. Also Emory Clayton on Game of Thrones.

The BSP Classic Hour is from March 2006. Dave Oliva thinks women need to step up and quit half-assing the L.A. Marathon. Mavis Leonard calls in to disagree with Dave, she used to run marathons when she was in college.

Episode 971 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Tom Simshaw

    He watches CNN and reads the NYT to see what fallacies they are spinning against him, like the Russian hooker dossier. This is obvious to anyone with common sense Phil. Very tired of the anti-Trump nonsense, it is unbecoming, not funny, and petty. Obama was a real honest guy eh? You like your doctor you can keep your doctor…right Phil? Phil??

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    i actually teared up from laughing at the part with walt bissem(?) being thrown off into the santa barbara channel for annoying the tour guide. thanks phil

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    jolyon fisher

    You are entilted to say whatever you want but if it continues this way I am not interested. Todays Phil Hendrie show is not anything close to what it used to be. He doesn’t swear, he talks politics, he rarely sings… Sorry but in my opinion, and I know that I am an idiot, this is not a great show anymore.

  • Avatar

    I wonder if Lloyd is attending Burning Man this year? I know I could use a rum and Coke and a Tylenol-3!

    • Edward

      I hope so! Remember…he did throw that cat at a man’s head…but, in Lloyd’s defense, the guy “tossed him a bone”…and you just don’t do that to a Korean War Veteran.

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    Karolynn Decker

    I don’t come to this site for political discussions. But Phil has every right to express his political views through satire without being called “dumb”.
    Pass the liberal cool-aid. I’ll drink that before I join the joke the GOP has become.

    • Edward

      yikes. should have known not to put out any red meat. My comment was not meant to be political just frustration at what i perceived as playing to an audience depending on whose hiring.

      Walk it off. I’ll retreat to my safe space.

    • Mongo-Chow


      I’d like to take this opportunity to praise Phil that I’ve listened for the 16 years. At my home we have built a worship pillar on which several likenesses of the exalted Philness hangs. With that said Phil sometimes spins philosophical about politics at times. When these times occur I believe we his loving fans need to knee hin with gentle extreme force to his growing area and the sack the dangles there from. I hope this explains the bullcrap and know that we love Phil in a way that is profoundly deep, gentle but yet violent. Peace, love and Mongo-Chow to you-all!

      • Mongo-Chow

        I’ve had a rather stiff drink so fogive me typo’s above!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • P. Allgood
    P. Allgood

    @Edward: As opposed to Fox? I sincerely hope you’re not that dumb.

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    barry adelson

    oye. I think its 3 days in a row the same classic

  • Edward

    CNN is legit news?….oh Brother…are you totally DE-ranged? Th closer you move to Hollywood…the more liberal kool aid you seem to suck.

    Back when you were on the radio…which was tilted conservative…you were jocking the Right in the same way.


  • Ed Noponen
    Ed Noponen

    Hi Phil – Someone – you, your webmaster or somebody – should check to make sure your show descriptions accurately describe the contents. We’ve had the same classic show two days in a row, and neither one was actually the episode described. But it sure is funny.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Maybe the night WILL end up with a taco!

  • Allen Grooms
    Allen Grooms

    Oh man, I can’t wait to hear Prof. Clayton’s thoughts on GOT!

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