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Videocast Log: David G. Hall wants Phil to get onboard with the rest of Hollywood supporting John Kerry Then, it’s Teen Suicide! Art Griego talks about how dumb one particular kid was hanging himself from a rotting beam in the garage. Bloody thing broke! Plus Dean Wheeler says what America needs is more “Loveliness”

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    Phil’s show is a lot of freaking work !!! If he wants to do reruns a couple times a week even — I don’t care! As long as there’s new material too. As I understand his process, at least during the first incarnation of the original show, you got writers involved too. It’s spontaneous some, but the ideas have to come too. It is extremely creative and I would think sometimes the juices flow better than others. Some current events are easier to link a character and a bit to also. AND, let’s face it, as Phil kinda said the other night "at least we need to be able to laugh a little in these very serious times." — not a direct quote. It’s a whole different ballgame than back in 2006. . . . I’m done !!! Phil thanks for all you do, STILL.

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    have a guest host when your not able to be on not repeats!!!!

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    If taking a day off and posting a best of show keeps Phil’s butt in the seat…works for me

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    Other shows just squat, grunt, and pinch off a monstrous radio log right on your face.

    Dude, you owe me a new keyboard. LOL.

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    Sounds like they’re dusting off the hot seat for you Hendrie.

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    I don’t mind reruns from time to time as long as I see it coming. I get concerned when they just show up with no warning because I remember that pattern showing up for a few months right before Phils’ previous show went off the air on June 23rd of 2006. I remember the date because it was a wrenching experience for me. That’s how much I enjoy Phil’s show. If he wants to do three new shows a week and two days of reruns, fine. I just want to know it’s not because the termination of this incarnation of his show is imminent. That’s all.

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    Phil knows full well that he is the only listenable radio on the air today. Listening to his reruns is roughly 10,000% better than suffering through any of his supposed contemporaries’ material- and that’s the point- he doesn’t HAVE any contemporaries. He’s got us by the balls, period. Hey- it could be worse. Other shows just squat, grunt, and pinch off a monstrous radio log right on your face. If that sounds appealing to you, go right ahead and give ’em the nod. May the log drop be with you.

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    This is a great value. 3 days of actual shows this week. I love listening to the reruns, that I already have heard and have.

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    The mental energy to pull this show off is beyond my comprehension.. I couldn’t do this once a month, let alone 5 days back to back…Recharge time…

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    I’m getting tired of the reruns too. Really.

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    Another fuckin’ rerun show! C’mon, Hendrie, you’re taking off more time than President George W.!

    I love your show; I love you (not in a gay way),
    Paul St.George

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