Tonight on the viedeo feed, we featured Roland Schwinn advocating for the organization “Fat Pride.” Also joining us was Steve Bosell who mistakenly sucked a penis-shaped popscicle he found in the freezer. Then RC Collins came on for a Classic called “New Youth Nation” where he proclaimed himself a leader of youth. Pastor William Rennick uses the money he collected for trapped miners to instead buy a 7 jet spa for his home. And Dave Oliva tells people at a restaurant to stack their dishes so the bus boys don;t have to work extra.

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    what dang said

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    I remember Phil running separate reruns on the videocast before. It would contain older skits while the rerun on the radio (MP3/WMA) would be more recent.

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    somebody screwed up – screaming and yelling is NOT working – daddy needs to step up

    bring back Roland Schwinn!!!!

  • risher80

    the descriptions aren’t matching up with the podcast descriptions…what’s the deal? am i retarded?

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    Where is Roland Schwinn? He’s one of my favs but he’ snot in hour 1.

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    The description of the Thursday show doesn’t coincide with what’s available on the Thursday download links. However, the videocast is what’s listed. Just an fyi. Thanks.

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