Hour 1:

Bob Green says the chicken head that was found in a box of chicken wings will have zero impact, because to walk out on McDonalds would be like slapping your mother in the face. Phil closes talking about a McDonalds visit, and the consistency and convenience.

Hour 2:

Phil talks about his invented characters & is joined by Margaret Grey, Harvey Wireman & RC Collins…

Hour 3:

Dave Oliva claims woman need both sides of their brains to store up all the gossip & things to throw back at you during an argument; Pastor William Rennick claims Rosa Parks sat in the front of the bus because she didn’t want to sit next to him being a Dodgers fan; Phil talks about the NFL.

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  • Barry

    Hour 2&3 descriptions are wrong.

  • Michael McDonagh
    Michael McDonagh

    the caption for hour 3 is wrong

  • Avatar
    Paul Buchsbaum

    As usual, solid show

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