Hour 1:

R.C. Collins joins the airwaves to discuss the “New Youth Nation”, a group of children who are moving to an Indian reservation because they no long have the trust and confidence in adults after they screwed up the election results.

Hour 2:

Restaurant owner Ted Bell is going to start parking handicapped spaces this holiday season because he claims no handicapped people actually live live in Beverly Hills. Phil talks about a Florida welcome spot, almost getting thrown out of Disney, moon land

Hour 3:

Mavis Leonard believes Cheney’s heart attack was a fake urban myth like the gerbil up Richard Gere’s butt. Phil talks about moving trucks and the Florida ballots.

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    I know this is an old show but I cringed at Phil’s ignorant drilling of the handicapped guy… If a person is missing a hand it’s obviously harder for them to carry bags or push a cart so giving them a handicapped spot does assist them.

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    Thank you for bringing my Milwaukee Lions back

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