Doug Dannger, entertainment writer for the Orange County Courier and a self-described ‘gay man and gay journalist” took himself and his 8 year old niece to see the new “Yogi Bear 3D” movie. Doug says its the worst movie he’s ever seen and said he told his niece he would “rather she had never been born” than for her to see that movie. He took her 3-D glasses and threw them in the garbage. He was so bent out of shape that when he took her to a Baskin Robbins to get ice cream he announced “I’m a gay man and a gay journalist and I want two scoops of chocolate ice cream for the kid in a paper cup…..NOW!”

Dr. Ron Tarner is filling in at the Cloverdale High School as a substitute teacher again. This week a student approached him with a Christmas gift, a brand new Ipad. With it came a note. “I hope you get great satisfaction from this as I hope to benefit from our relationship as well.” The inference was that she expected a good grade. And she got it, an A. Dr. Tarner: “How do you flunk someone who gives you an Ipad? There’s an app that reads streets sign and translates them. I’m going to Mexico this month. It’s perfect!”

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    Great show Phil. Doug was perfect. Aggressive like he is supposed to be. Loved it!

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    Wow… Pretty solid show.

    Both segments had detailed and subdued setups, but after their commerical breaks the humour really came out. Both shows weren't dealing with laughs per minute, but they had some good laughs and chuckles.

    Phil got a touch of dementia midway through Dr. Tarners bit as her called Tarner "Doug" a few times.

    Imo, not comedy gold 2010, but more like comedy silver. Great listens.

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    Phil was in good voice; crisp, sounded more like his "Classic", upbeat self!

    " I'm a gay man and a gay journalist; now get your ass movin and get me two scoops of chocolate" LMFAO!!!

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    Just reading the description of the bit made me laugh. I'll post again in a few after listening to it.

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    "…. put the ice cream on the paper plate…." That still gets me, very funny.

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