Classic Hour

Friday, December 2, 2016

NOTE: If you are still having problems accessing the “stream” on mobile, click the option that says “download” instead of stream. On iOS 10, that will allow you to stream the show. Thank you for your patience!

Austin Amarka, a cabinet maker from Palmdale, California (redneck north LA county) loses a bet. He thought Phil was kidding when he said there was an Alabama regiment, the 1st Cavalry, that was loyal to the Union in the Civil War. Now he’s buying a ‘catfish dinner with all the trimmin’s’ for three coworkers. Plus an ‘As You Like To Hear Them’ with Kellyanne Conway”

The BSP Classic Hour Show from December 2002 features Bobbie & Steve Dooley saying their family won’t get sick on cruise ships because they eat granola and take vitamin c. Dave Oliva thinks Robert DeNiro will be boinking US Troops’ girlfriends while they’re deployed to Iraq.

Episode 786 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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