Hour one: David G. Hall tells Phil he has to work Christmas Day because his relatives want to watch him.

Hour two: Chris Norton gave a “not non-hanky” co-worker a gift basket of vibrators for Christmas and she’s suing. Harvey Weirman appears as counsel.

Hour three: Lloyd Bonafide got angry at Southern California Edison for not providing enough electricity for his manger scene so he threw the baby Jesus at a passing Edison truck.

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    the hour with David G. Hall is one of the best i have heard. absolutely fabulous.

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    Love hour 1!

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    Andrew Wiley

    At lot of the logs in December 2000 are off by one day, especially the 2nd and 3rd hours (virtually all of the 1st hour logs seem accurate). However, this one – December 22nd – is correct for all three hours.

    I’d be happy to run through the whole month over the next few days, and generate an accurate log.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      I would be forever in your debt. These logs are from 2006 and we’re initially created incorrectly

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