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Thursday, December 21, 2000

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Hour One: Steve Bosell's daughter said he was "pooey" because she wouldn't get him a horse after she visited the Emperor Guest Ranch, and his wife laughed at him. He claims his daughter wrote to Santa Claus wanting a new daddy and claims emotional sodomy. Phil said he and Maria stayed up until 3 am.

Hour Two: Alf Berger told the lady next door that as condo tenant supervisor she would be allowed to have Christmas lights if she has sex with him. He doesn't like "Christian lights" and keeps steering the charges of sexual harassment to anti-Semitism. Phil closes talking about Jewish slurs, standing up for one's family.

Hour Three: FIRST HALF. Brass Villanueva claims MLB player Alex Rodriguez is in danger of being set up by Texas cops and executed so that the Texas Rangers won't have to pay out a $252 million contract. SECOND HALF. Phil talks about football teams, promos, and a flashback of 2000-12-20 hour two.


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