Hour 1:

Phil says what’s coming up on the program. Phil reads some news, R.C.Collins calls in on Hawaii. Phil talks about Billy’s Nuts and takes a call from Ted Bell and program director David G.Hall. Phil talks about Reuben’s Red Hots, Paul Harvey, and reads some e-mails.

Hour 2:

Rudy Canosa of Je T’aime Lingerie joins the program to talk about his honesty policy, he doesn’t sell lingerie to women that look like a clown wearing it. Phil reads some e-mails and talks about mp3’s, music royalties, and Bill O’Reilly.

Hour 3:

Bob Bakian joins the program with some breaking news. Phil talks about X-mas, last nights webcast, working on holidays, his wife Maria, Tony Dungy. the website, and the mob.

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