Hour 1:

Channel 19 news anchor Don Berman was terminated from his job after he had an affair with a high school girl. He says that if people don’t write letters to the station demanding he be reinstated then the will go on the air and tell everyone that there’s no Santa Claus.

Hour 2:

Steve Bosell dressed up as Joseph in a X-mas pageant. Roy Hutchins laughed and called him King Tut. Steve retaliated by telling Roy’s daughter that she’s adopted.

Hour 3:

The Phil Hendrie Show presents… Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”. Phil plays the infamous “Nog Lip” flashback and takes some calls.

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    Mark Dobos

    Bosell does it again. I would have an impossible time ranking the funniest Bosell skits. This is one of ’em no doubt. Best part is when Roy Hutchins and his wife are falling over laughing and then Bosell tries to throw a sprinkler party and Roy makes it his pool party…Where does Hendrie keep getting this stuff?!

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