The first hour was a rant about 20 questions, a website game, and Phil’s Weight Watchers Diet.

Dean Wheeler was on in the second hour to discuss the recent Survivor vote-off. He was angry that Kimmy didn’t make it. Dean thinks that people who eat meat are more likely to be violent. He thinks that schools should be forced to serve vegetarian meals only. There should also be strip searches for bologna sandwiches.

Rolan Schwinn started the third hour with “Streisand Enthusiast Monthly.” He thinks she should just shut up and sing. Definitely didn’t deserve the AFI award. She should just stop acting.

The last half hour of the show featured flashbacks from “Best Of” shows.

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  • Dale

    Dave again on Hour 2 hah! He called when Amarka was talking about dog attacks too.

  • Avatar

    I love Roland’s near obsession with Barbara

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