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Thursday, February 22, 2001

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Bob Greene opened the show with a discussion about a recently outed FBI spy. Bob thinks the spy shouldn't be treated so badly because he had six kids to put through Catholic school and he needed money.

The second hour started with Doug Danger. He wanted to let everyone know that he was a supporter of Eminem at least two weeks before Elton John.

Phil closed the hour with a rant about The Grammys. Phil said that Eminem succeeds in rap because the white establishment is comfortable endorsing a white rapper. In 20 years rap will be predominately white, like rock 'n' roll.

Danny Karafelian joined us in the third hour. He's a naturalist opposed to Survivor because it trivializes his lifestyle. He demands that it be taken off the air.

Phil closed the show with a rant about some weird jungle cruise he took. He also talked about his Weight Watchers diet. And Combover Boy writing letters about him again.


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