Hour 1: Bob Green CEO of Frazier foods is on the program to talk about the story of the hotel owner in Taos New Mexico who told his Mexican employees to change their names and to not speak spanish in front of him. Bob is doing the same type of thing in his store by renaming the ethnic foods to Americanize them so Americans can understand them better. He claims that most Americans don’t know what a Tortilla chip or salsa is.

Hour 2: Marilyn Donnely, a pre-surgical transgender who presents as a woman, is on to talk about Alan Grayson calling Linda Robertson a whore. Marilyn says that calling a woman a whore is not negative. In fact it’s a compliment.

Hour 3: In the third hour, there is a repeat of the first hour of January 13, 2010.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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