Hour 1: Bob Green is not selling chicken and watermelon to white people during Black History Month. He thinks that white people mock black people by buying chicken and watermelon.

Hour 2: Phil continues his discussion with Bob Green. Then he talks about kids and toy guns, and listens to some American Idol auditions. Plus some other news.

Hour 3: Patrick Coe from the Higher thought and deed organization comes on the show to talk about the case in Arizona at the sweat lodge where three people died. Patrick thinks that the leader James Ray should not have been arrested. It should have not gone public. He said that his leader would never have gotten arrested. The last half of the hour Phil talks about a school in Arizona that sent home a letter saying the kids are dumb if they don’t get math. He also talks about the death of Brittany Murphy and his bout with pneumonia. Then news we couldn’t get to.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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