Friday, January 21, 2005

Hour 1: Herb Sewell, author of the book ‘The Bush Legacy’, calls in to discuss President Bush. Herb describes the President as more of a jokester and sophomoric man, anything but the devout Christian that he portrays himself to be. Herb sites examples of Bush throwing fake dog poo on the floor of the war room, telling dead baby jokes, and laughing uncontrollably. Phil plays a flashback request of David G. Hall making a commentary on binge drinking.

Hour 2: Lloyd Bonifide joins the program to complain about a woman who cut him off in traffic. Lloyd responded by throwing a Coke bottle at the woman and flipping her the bone. He says there is nothing she will do about it because she is a woman, and rejects the idea that his behavior is road rage. Phil talks about the type of woman who enjoys his show. Bud has his black friend join the broadcast.

Hour 3: “My Grandpa Says” with Logan kicks off the third hour. Lancen Odell, Bud’s black friend and NFL player, comes back into the studio. He talks with Phil and Bud, and starts playing with Phil’s button bar. The Phil Hendrie Show Presents Scared Straight: McDonald’s Edition. Bob Bakian reports on the resignation of Michael Powell. David G. Hall berates Bakain over repeating material, and then orders him to fly until the chopper runs out of fuel and crashes. A listener letter inspires Phil to do Tequila Talk.

Show log by Kyle Davis.

  • Jason Caselli
    Jason Caselli

    I thought “The Bush Legacy” bit was particularly funny, mostly due to the callers completely willing to OVERLOOK the absurd claims of deviousness on the president’s part! The blatant denial from devout Bush followers was hysterical!!

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