Monday, January 24, 2005

Hour 1: Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills Steakhouse joins the program to promote his dining etiquette classes. Phil tries to give one of these classes away on air, but Ted stops him due to his nervousness over letting Phil’s listeners into his restaurant. He thinks the talk radio listener is a lower class citizen, and before they can take his etiquette class, they need a remedial class on hygiene, including washing their hands after they use the toilet. Towards the end of the segment, a German woman calls in disgust; this causes Ted Bell to yodel! Show flashback of Lloyd Bonifide describing his hatred of French Poodles, and he tries to kill himself with an electric can opener.

Hour 2: Margaret Gray is the guest for the hour. She explains that it is risky to rent property to single mothers. Margaret believes it is legitimate, as a landlord, to ask the question if all the children come from the same father, and worry if the woman has a lot of male callers coming to the home.

Hour 3: Doug Dannger, writer for the Orange County Courier, is the guest in the third hour. Doug is a gay man and gay journalist, and he is writing an article about the Great American Smoke-out. As part of his investigation, he is going to out in public places and smoking to see how people react. He says because he is gay, nobody will have the temerity to go eyeball to eyeball with him and tell him to put out his cigarette.

Show log by Kyle Davis.

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    eight patties no bun

    I’ve listened to Ted’s Etiquette classes bit probably a dozen times over the years. Is it wrong that I just figured out what “yodel in the canyon” means?

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