Hour 1: Dave Oliva comes on the program to talk about the telethon for Haiti. Dave says that people are too stupid to know that they are lying about the money they are raising. He says that people say they are going to donate money but they really don’t. Dave proved his point by calling to donate $200,000 and asking to speak to Reese Witherspoon, or as he keeps calling her Reeses. Instead they patched him through to Taylor Swift. He calls back and said he wasn’t going to donate $200,000 anyway, click.

Hour 2: Ted Bell is on to talk about Charles Phillips, Oracle Executive, who had an affair. When he broke it off his mistress got so upset she put up a billboard and a website. Ted says that women who take up with married men should know that he will eventually go back to his wife. It’s a gentleman’s agreement. Ted says “I’m not going to let this happen again.” Then Phil reads some news.

Hour 3: Phil starts out the hour talking about the all white basketball league. Then some other stuff.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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