Hour 1: Steve Bosell is on to talk about the healthcare bill. He said he was against the healthcare bill and his daughter overheard him. The teacher called him in to the classroom and the kids started ridiculing him. Some of them called him a pig. Then his daughter started passing him notes.

Hour 2: Phil started off the hour talking about a highway that was adopted by the Nazi party in Colorado. He went en to discuss the Nazis. In other news, Andre Bower says welfare is like feeding stray animals so they breed. Finally, a dog was pulled from a flood control channel. Some people say it was wrong to rescue the dog. Oh Phil also discussed fundraising and how the money isn’t getting to the Haitian people.

Hour 3: Jay Santos comes on the program to talk about the dog being pulled from the water. Jay seems to think the dog was not worth saving. He looked mangy, flea bitten and was an egg sucker. He says most women own dogs because they can’t have kids. Most men have dogs as companions and could easily push it off a cliff with no remorse. Then Phil discusses climate change and other news.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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    Don Sloan

    Hr 1: Ha ha ha… kids “triggered” and respond with aggression when Steve Bosell expresses non-PC opinion about healthcare bill.

    Hr 3: Phil has the balls to expose more lies from the manmade global warming / climate change propaganda machine. One of the biggest scams in modern history as people like Al Whore laugh all the way to the bank while leaving a massive carbon footprint.

  • David

    Why is it that on these older shows you can not just play the entire show, not just an hour at a time. That would be a nice add on.

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