Friday, January 28, 2005

Hour 1: Tonight is an all request show, featuring bits from Austin Amarka, Bobbie Dooley, Raj Fahneen, Ted Bell, with special appearances by Hal and Viola, RC Collins, and Bud Dickman!

Hour 2: The all request show continues, with classic bits from Vernon Dozier, Art Bell and General Johnson Jamison, Lloyd Bonifide, Margaret Gray, and Ted Bell. Bud calls and insists on playing the bit where he farts, and a special request from Charlie the Complainer: to speak to Lowry Mays!

Hour 3: Hour three of the all request show kicks off with Vernon Dozier and “Plane go Boom.” This hour also features bits from Herb Sewell, Doug Dannger, Margaret Gray, Bobbie Dooley, Paul McNamara, and capping off the show with Margaret Gray, David G. Hall and Lloyd Bonifide in the classic “Say you say me.”

Show log by Kyle Davis.

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