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Thursday, January 27, 2005

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hour 1: Margaret Gray is on to discuss her book about the human shield in Iraq. She believes she could be in line for a Pulitzer Prize for her work, but first she must confirm the identity of the soldier who said, “After I killed my tenth child, I stopped counting.” Phil plays a flashback of the Siamese twins, where one is gay and the other is straight. Charlie the Complainer has to check in over the content of tonight’s program; he ends his call with a belch. Phil brings back Margaret after an abrupt end to her conversation; she sings “Where have all the Flowers gone?” and Phil orders an air strike. The hour ends with Jesus Christ Cab Driver.

Hour 2: Jeff Dowder joins the program to promote a benefit concert that his band Dark Horse is playing, followed by a drumming clinic led by him. Phil does a strange bit about coming to Carnival in Brazil, and the voice over guy makes unacceptable ad-libs. Phil talks about Amazon women. Jim Sadler calls in to explain that he AIDS epidemic was caused by Tarzan and spread through the other characters.

Hour 3: Phil starts the third hour with a rant about his drive into work. Harvey Wireman Senior Talk asks the question what do you do when you realize you’ve been driving a body under your car. Phil previews tomorrow night’s all request night, then talks about the Nazis and explains how they compare with the Iraqis.

Show log by Kyle Davis.


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