General Gaylen Shaw fills in today for the still ailing Phil Hendrie. The General’s show, “General Gaylen Shaw: Your Move,” brings on guest Larry Grover who has commissioned a new medal based on Donald Trump’s fundraising for veterans. “The Donald J Trump Service Action Medal” features a relief of Trump “in a business suit and dress shoes” carrying a wounded soldier to safety as bullets fly by. The General thinks it’s a load.

Episode 566 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Tom Simshaw

    Agreed with Peter C….how about a show mocking Hilary’s craven “charity” donations for speeches to Goldman Sachs, the contents of which she refuses to disclose? Comedy gold in her constantly demonizing big investment banks and then taking their money to give an ass-kissing luncheon pep talk!

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    Can’t stop laughing… Listened to this one 5 times…. General Trump slogging through rice paddies with bullets… Can’t stop…. Please get well and live forever

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    Gary Harper

    Got my laughs just from the description of the DT Service Medal… That’s pretty funny…. Ya gotta love it.

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    Good for you General Shaw. Your closing commentary about Mr. Trump’s attitude for veterans was right-on.

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    Peter C

    looking forward to a show that makes fun of someone from the left.

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