Steve Bosell gets another opportunity to fill in as Phil’s throat is still not a hundred percent. The Steve Bosell Cavalcade of Sports presents Steve and Bud Dickman reviewing last week’s NFL playoff games as well as guests Vernon Dozier and Jack Armstrong giving their views on the upcoming Super Bowl! Weee!

Episode 565 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Avatar

    Bud plays a mean horn……right Mr. Hendrie?

  • Andrew

    So I’m obviously happy to hear these two back together. Bosell having to feed Jack Armstrong lines and complete his sentences was a great gag.

  • Tom Tatham
    Tom Tatham

    Phil- What was that Christian family band you’ve played on here in the past? I remember you showing a video of them and the mom was on the piano. 1940-1950’s I think. It was priceless!

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