Hour 1:

Live from Hollywood, Vic Prell hosts the 2nd annual Phil Hendrie Show “My Friends Place” Radiothon. Magaret Gray sings “Old Kentucky Home” to help get the phones going, Harvey Wireman and RC Collins share their personal testimonials about MyFriendsPlace.

Hour 2:

The Phil Hendrie Show “My Friends Place” Radiothon continues with calls from Chris Norton, Chris was fired for accessing adult web sites at work using the company credit card.

Hour 3:

The Phil Hendrie Show “My Friends Place” Radiothon continues. Phil talks about firing his cleaning staff. Joe Dickhead & the Professors NFL Picks. Austin Amarka is with an organization that is purposefully disseminating a phony ten commandments list.

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    Investing in a BSP has led to my finding ANOTHER favorite Phil Hendrie character, whom I’d never heard before. Vic Prell’s unctuous delivery is CLASSIC and the overlapping/conflicting music here is comedy gold in my book. (And I agree with “paddyandpeanut” – Margaret is hilarious in her interactions with Vic. Thanks for even MORE laughs, Phil!!!

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      Prell is one of my favorite from the earlier days. Check out his Romance Special and his Fortune Machine bit. He had a Halloween bit where he was reading gruesome real-life murder stories in that classic Prell voice. Fucking genius!

  • paddyandpeanut

    OMFG Margaret is so freaking hilarious in this one <3

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