Hour 1:

Phil welcomes Harvey Wireman and Jeff Dowder to participate in tonight’s roundtable discussion: Should former Carolina Panther Rae Carruth be charged with the murder of an unborn child after shooting his pregnant girlfriend?

Hour 2:

“John McCain is Crazier than an Outhouse Rat” Psychic Mavis Leonard claims that senator John McCain has never been to Vietnam, and that he is lying about being a P.O.W.

Hour 3:

Phil talks about his in-laws, and the fact that his house phone never stops ringing. Video store owner Brass calls the show… he hates it when customers return late videos in the night slot to avoid paying late charges.

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    Thanks for the 3rd hour Phil! For one, I remember Blockbuster. Fond memories. Two, I can play this for my 11 year old daughter and teach her a lesson, as we laugh our asses off! And Brass was right, pay the fee!

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