Hour 1:

Burt Jerome says people can survive shark attacks if they are in good physical condition. Don’t make fun of weight lifters and excercise freaks because they may have to save your life if you are attacked by a shark!

Hour 2:

Margaret Grey sings Phil a song about his marriage’s breakup. Lloyd Bonifide invested in “Netherreaches Shampoo” a shampoo for women’s pubic hair. Lloyd Feels he was scammed because most women now shave or wax. Phil speaks with TV producer Tony Neal who was involved with Live 8. Bud doesn’t want any more blacks in the country. Phil talks about 3 Dog Night. Phil plays an old bit off PC where he kicks Buds ass.

Hour 3:

Phil talks about his Dads inventions that were before their time, then he talks about his step kids. Coast to Coast with Art Bell. General Johnson Jameson completes the incomplete works of an artist with the cosmic extrapilator. Herb Sewell joins us with a story about a man crawling under a woman’s toilet.

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