Hour 1:

Raj Faneen thinks Arabs should get to pay less for gas than non-Arabs.

Hour 2:

Grocery store owner Bob Greene joins the program to discuss a Natalee Holloway fund he started, intended to supply adequate chaperoning for high school trips. He expected sales at his store to increase, when they didn’t that’s when Bob started making racial comments to his customers.

Hour 3:

Mavis Leonard joins the program with “Good News in the Neighborhood.” David yells at Phil after he makes Mavis cry. Eddie Van Halen talks about rock news and Live 8. Phil talks politics and Bush bashing e-mails. A caller says “There’s a man in my house.” David G. Hall says the previous call was a prank. Harvey Wireman joins the program with Harvey Wireman’s Law Talk. Water Cronkite joins us with poetry for the hearing impaired.

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    Mark Dobos

    Raj Faneen Baby! “Sorry Phil I tried” Ha Ha Ha! Need to release a Raj fast food jingle album. Hysterical. Wish I could argue with him. And the most of the callers we’re actually all pretty full of it. How humorously sad is that…

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    John Godfrey

    I am not able to ‘STREAM’. Why? How do I fix this?

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