Hour 1:

Margaret Gray joins the show and tells Phil she does not think his reference to Rag heads is in poor taste. while her husband Frank explains how him and Margaret met. The Jim Rome show with special guest Jack Nicolas. Jim says that he thinks Tiger Woods is the best golfer ever.

Hour 2:

Pastor William Rennick joins Phil and tells him that Harry Potter books are not evil like most churches think. He believes it could be a continuation of the Gospel.

Hour 3:

Bob Greene joins Phil and tells him how he was asked “Where’s the O.J.?.” His response “thanks to you people he is running around killing people.”

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    Don Sloan

    Hr. 1: Cool Jack Nicholson / Easy Rider / Frank Gray bit!

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    Don Sloan

    The Flashback in Hr 2: LMAO!! Maybe a tad mean but great laughs nonetheless.

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