Hour 1:

Bobbie’s husband Steve pulled her top off in the Jacuzzi because he’s proud of her being the home owner association president.

Hour 2:

Ted Bell wants to know, what’s the big deal with photographing Cameron Diaz topless? Jeff Dowder talks about In-N-Out burger. Bud says there’s no Mexicans working there, R.C.Collins says there’s not a lot of Beaner wagons. Steve Nutsio from the San Diego Jungle Zoo has a new animal at the zoo called a mouse.

Hour 3:

Frank Gray gets his genders mixed up while talking to Phil about left and right wing politics. Harvey Wireman asks, do you need a sign on table saying “Don’t have sex with a horse?” Margaret says the rights of women are being tramped by George Bush.

  • Timothy

    Hour 3 is classic! Frank Gray confusing Phil with the gender mixup. Hilarious!

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