Hour 1:

Dr.Jim Sadler is proposing a radical new idea to help cut back on health care costs: giving women dental and breast exams on the same doctors visit!

Hour 2:

Jay Santos joins the program, he and the Citizens Auxiliary Police will be voluntarily patrolling this years Democratic National Convention. Jay says that if a delegate runs too long with a speech he’ll get cracked in the back of the head. Phil talks abou

Hour 3:

Program director David G. Hall wants Phil to host a male beefcake pageant live on the air to an attempt to get women to listen to the show. Bud Dickman’s Top 10 Head Injuries.

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    Nathan Ross

    LMAO at the irrational hysterical women who call in screaming and shaming. It’s so easy to troll them.

  • Dale

    The background audio for Santos was hilarious! “I don’t know… there’s some people getting off a bus.” Haha!

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    Y’all y

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    Get back to the part about “new car scent” douche. That’s a million-dollar idea right there, Mr. Hall.

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