Hour 1:

Travel Agency owner Colleen Kristen Brewster feels Dick Cheney will easily win over the senior citizen vote because of their love for cheap discounts. Phil talks about a bad experience he had recently at neighborhood pool.

Hour 2:

Phil welcomes Dean Wheeler who feels that Tiger Woods recent victory will result in an increased danger for black people on golf courses. Phil talks about the fact his kids are half Jewish and attend a Catholic school.

Hour 3:

“Boy Scout Nazi Camp” Bobbie Dooley joins the program, she is worried about her son going to Boy Scout Camp because she fears they may be Nazi’s making cookies out of human beings. Phil talks about being spotted by fans.

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    The Hour 2 segment is a classic. I don’t usually like Dean’s hours that much, but this one is an exception. Aside from his crazy topic, there’s a caller who makes it memorable: the poor guy nearly has a heart attack when Dean accuses his golf course of having ruts, using an Andy Gump for bathrooms, and serving coffee in plastic cups. Hope the poor guy survived!

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