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Friday, July 22, 2011

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Dr. Ron Tarner tells Phil of the "heartbreak of" When investigating family ancestry with his son Josh, Ron found that "a branch of the family dips down to the Everglades in Florida and that means they might have been thieves and murderers and violated dress codes." Another branch, said Dr. Tarner, headed toward New Jersey where "a mixed race of people lived, part white, part black, part German, all bad."

Next hour Don Berman of Channel 19 News talked with Phil about his plans to go to New York this weekend and marry a gay man, even though he, Don, is straight. "It's in solidarity," says Don. Even if there were no gay men to get married, two straight guys should marry to show they support gay marriage. Don even got tired of being hounded by his intended and one night said "To hell with it" before yanking down his pants and settling in with a drink.


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