“Best Of” on the radio!

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    I LOVE Ted Bell!!! "The Lord Snoop Dogg!!!" Classic!!!!!

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    Hey Phil,
    you owe us twice the laughs next week

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    No joke, take some time and get better Phil

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    Sittle makes fun of people for riding mopeds because the roads have to be salted nine months out of the year where he lives, and he's so disregarded here that the last time he had any juice whatsoever was when a trannie named Marilyn wet herself all over him on Church Street in Toronto– a location about which he seems to know volumes.

    We all get a kick out of how obsequious becomes sardonic at the point of rejection, and Sittle– a guy who used to brag about how he was on the verge of being accepted as a PHS writer– reached that stage many months ago and has provided us with knee-slapping entertainment ever since.

    As has been mentioned, it's pure unadulterated genius on Phil's part: Providing d-bags the right to publicly vent in return for their $6.95 a month. Public Service.

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    His idiot producer is probably some wanna- be boygenius behind the talent kind of guy (sic. goy) sic gay dude.

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    So much for "We're not taking any more days off!"

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    He's at comic con

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    Hell yeah Tex, this ain't no college radio program *guffaw*… man needs a day off once in a while…

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    Ahh yes, another night off.

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