Bobbie Dooley believes Laura Croft is real and has died from a drug overdose. Well, her real name is Glenda Cuntington, and she was living with her sister at Western Estates, but it’s her. Frank Grey is out hacking up Rancho Park, but is also weighing in on what he calls “the madness of Donald Trump.” Bud has a new feature, Cops Highlights, where he describes “the coolest uses of tasers.”

Episode 436 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • matthew hurst
    matthew hurst

    The Cuntington Sisters – tee hee hee!

  • Gwyneth Jones
    Gwyneth Jones

    Was just listening to Coast to Coast AM (1:10am,PST, 8/1/2015) and they came out of a break playing Dancing Queen! It was like a fucking eclipse, I was waiting for General Johnson Jameson to start talking about how he’s hunting the wendigo with the Waverider on point

    • Bonnie

      That was Coast to Coast playing that? They are totally ripping off Art Bell because he plays it on his show now.

    • Avatar
      Enzo the Baker

      Those Art Bell ones are classic. Phil needs to work on a George Noory voice.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Coast to Coast is stealing from Art. Very disappointing

  • Avatar
    Jerry Radle

    Keep Harvey and his granddaughter!

  • Andy Hatton
    Andy Hatton

    I love Harvey doing the news, and I love the way Denise says “Dad” in the background, because it sounds so much like the way my mom talked to my grandfather.

  • Avatar

    Harvey doing the news is absolutely hilarious…

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