Phil brings on Ted Bell and Dr. Jim Sadler to gingerly explain why it’s not a good idea for Ted’s Of Beverly Hills to sponsor the Special Olympics. Vernon Dozier weighs in on Deflategate, but Margaret proves to be far more interesting on the subject. Art Griego, retired pilot, finds the possible discovery of debris from Malaysia Airlines 370 too much to bear.

Episode 435 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • David

    My first show, I just subscribed after seeing Phil on Marc Maron. I hadn’t heard the program in a while since the radio station in my area changed formats.

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      Enzo the Baker

      Me too, saw him on Maron and remembered how funny he was. I love my BSP I usually listen to the current days show and one or two from the archives.

  • Elizabeth Roos
    Elizabeth Roos

    Must suck balls to know patties had to cheat to win it !!!

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    Love the oldies bumper music the last few days.Oh yeah,can’t wait for my Jay Santos tee so I can make some greasy punks hustle!

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    Here’s the thing that people seem to be missing about the deflate gate game. The Patriots won the game, 45-7. And that was because they deflated their balls? RIGHT!!

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