Phil and the panel talked about the Anthony Cumia situation. Professor Emory Clayton came on the show and accused Phil of racism for dancing an Irish jig while leaving the studio one day. “I’ve got an entire filing cabinet devoted to you, Hendrie.”

Frank Grey was also going to weigh in but was preoccupied with the production of a new film, “The Jack Hochman Story,” a movie about a woman who dressed and passed as a man to better her station in life. At the time Phil spoke with Frank, he was working with the sound of crickets because “the woman’s life was so dull we have a steady feed of cricket sounds throughout.” Frank hung up on Phil after saying the crickets had arrived that morning at Union Station and Phil asked if they had much luggage…

Episode 156 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Erik Miller

    Earl Butz was Secretary of Agriculture during the Nixon and Ford administrations. He made the remark in 1976.

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    Ricky Graber

    When Phil starts agreeing with Al Sharpton:

    This is a cry for help that he has ” FELL OFF HIS MEDS.”


    A Psych 101 term: ….PROJECTION.

    More podcasts like this with the PROGRESSO
    brand soup?

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    Ricky Graber

    I was looking forward to hearing Phil Hendrie today instead I heard MIKE MALLOY.

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