On today’s show, General Shaw had to “walk it off” early (basically he got pissed at something Phil said and walked away from the studio) and in the process needed to shift his penis from one side to the other.

Larry Grover and Chris Norton traded observations on Americas’s new sexual conservatism, Larry talking about the cleansers he keeps handy and Chris Norton on his irresistability.

Vernon Dozier, talking about Hurricane Arthur, remembered spitting at Hurricane Katrina as he was driving out of New Orleans and telling it to “kiss my ass.”

During the BSP pre-show, Phil gave away an opportunity to be in the drawing for a VIP package to Phil’s July 30th one-man show to KingKapp from Carson City, Nevada. He was the next caller after SeventhStranger incorrectly guessed that Phil was not wearing pants. Phil was, in fact, wearing pants…

Episode 155 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    tom molina

    great show!

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    Ricky Graber

    Comedy Gold would be if Phil would give out “Louis” tickets to the BSP’s that call in.
    I heard this Louis guy is Hendries’s half brother. Is this true?

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    Steven Burgess

    Boxer shorts on the job?
    Is that a Catholic thing, or are all Canadians natural slobs at heart?

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    my uncle hep once told me he had to slap a hippie around in 1972 because of a late night laundromat altercation.

  • Bonnie Kliewer
    Bonnie Kliewer

    I don’t believe in premarital sex, but I would never call any woman a whore because she uses birth control. A lot of women use it for health reasons.

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